Huntington Beach

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I apply Huntington Beach products?

Have a look at the product pages on this website or on pack for full instructions.

Can I use your products on my face?

Yes! All our products are developed by leading experts and are extremely gentle/soft making them ideal for your face – also ideal to use under make-up and day creams. Just remember to avoid contact with the eyes.

How long can I stay in the sun?

This depends on your skin type, the season, your geographical location and the time of day, so it is difficult to offer precise advice. People with dark hair and dark skin can usually stay longer in the sun without getting burnt than people with blond hair and fair skin. Between 11am-3pm the concentration of UV radiaton is at its highest so if you go out at this time, please be sure to wear suitable clothing, a hat and a good sun protection product. Remember that snow, water and sand reflect the sun and will increase your exposure to the sun’s radiation. Remember too that you can still get sun burnt on a cloudy day.

How do I know what skin type I am?

The most widely used skin type definition advice has been developed by Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, MD, PHD. Examples of the 6 different skin types are given below. Whether you tan quickly or not, can not be influenced by you - your skintype is hereditary and does not change, even not by staying longer or more often in the sun.

  • Skin type 1, 2 and 3  are most sensitive to UV radiation.
  • Skin type 1: the skin always burns and does not tan. It is a very light skin, often with freckles. People with red hair or light blond hair and light eyes often have skin type 1.
  • Skin type 2: the skin burns quickly and does not tan easily. It is a light skin. People with blond hair, grey, green or blue eyes often have skin type 2.
  • Skin type 3: the skin burns less quick and tans easily. It is a slightly colored skin. People with dark blond or brown hair and quite dark eyes usually have skin type 3.
  • Skin type 4: the skin hardly gets burnt and tans very easily. It is a naturally coloured skin. People with dark hair and dark eyes usually have skin type 4. 
  • Skin type 5: the skin seldom gets burnt and tans very rapidly. People have a dark coloured skin.
  • Skin type 6: the skin never gets burnt and is very dark pigmented or black.

What does “water resistant” mean?

Huntington Beach SPF products are tested under official European water resistance tests, which test if there is still sufficient product on the skin after having been in the water for 2 x 20 minute swims. To be classified as “water resistant” means the protection after water exposure must be at least 50% of before going into the water. 

Do your SPF products offer both UVA and UVB protection?

Yes. Our SPF products all offer UVB as well as UVA protection.

UVB protection

  • SPF20 – medium protection
  • SPF30 – high protection
  • SPF50+ – very high protection
  • SPF50+ KIDS – very high protection

UVA protection

The UVA protection of all our SPF products conform to the maximum of 5 stars UVA rating system. This means that the UVA protection is as high as or higher than the UVB protection.

Are Huntington Beach products suitable for kids?

Yes – ideal! We’ve developed a special SPF50+ Kids product which is perfect for all children. The foam fomat is so much easier & quicker to apply than traditional sprays, lotions, creams etc. And because the foam is not greasy and sticky, application is much more pleasant for parents! However please note the widely accepted advice, to keep children under 12 months out of direct sunlight, and to keep all children out of the sun between 11am-3pm.

I’m pregnant – are your products safe?

Yes. Please be aware though of the so called “pregnancy mask”. During pregnancy your skin changes and because of this an irregular pigmentation can occur with sun exposure. In general the advice is to refrain from sunbathing during pregnancy, especially for the face. If you do go into the sun please choose a high sun protection factor. 

How much Sun Protection Foam is needed to be well protected?

Our advice is to use our SPF products generously to ensure sufficient protection. Remember the parts of the body that are often forgotten, e.g. the upper part of the shoulders, ears, feet and the back of the neck and legs. To protect the entire body of an adult, you need about 35 grams of a suncare product – if this is halved for example, the protection will be reduce by 2-3 times.

Are the Huntington Beach products economical to use?

All our products come in easy to use “up-side-down” packs (i.e. you can use them any way up). Because of the unique aerosol-free system we have developed, you can bes ure that 99.9% of the product contents will be dispensed (which is very different from most aerosols where product is often left in the can).

And due to the foam format, there is no wastage at all – compare this with sprays where some product is always lost in the air or misses the body.

One big advantage of all our products is that the foam allows you to get a uniform layer applied to the skin because it spreads / absorbs so easily. The more uniform the layer, the better the protection.