Huntington Beach


Foam innovation

Sounds like a simple idea, no? To put a suncare formula into a foam? Well it’s technically very tricky, which is why it has never been done before. Our scientists have spent years trying to perfect the concept – finally we have achieved our goal!

A joy to use

What this means for you is that Huntington Beach SunFoam products are a joy to use –
super-easy to apply, great coverage and no stickiness.

A foam like no other

As soon as you try Huntington Beach you will appreciate why our foams are a far cry from lotions, sprays, milks, so-called “mousses”. There are many many products out there to choose from, yet nothing gives the softness and ease of use of our foams.

So why use Huntington Beach products?

Well it’s simple really. How about this to start with:

  • Ultimate easy application – quick, no fuss, beautiful coverage
  • Great for kids too – so much easier & quicker than anything you’ve used before
  • 5* UVA & UVB protection
  • Water resistant
  • Ultra smooth & non-greasy

The very latest in suncare technology – bringing you the best suncare experience ever.