Huntington Beach


Huntington Beach 150ml After Sun Shower Foam

  • Cooling & energising
  • With lime & mint
  • Ultra smooth

€ 12,95

Our After Sun Shower Foam cools and refreshes sun-exposed skin, thanks to specially selected ingredients that leave you with a soft, hydrated feeling. And the divine scent of fresh lime & mint will make you dream of sipping mojitos at sundown!

Intrigued? Try this in the shower after a beach day and you’ll never look back.

Enjoy the sun in a responsible way!

Avoid excessive sun from 11am-3pm and do not stay longer in the sun than your skin type allows, taking into account the strength of the sun and the geographical area that you are in.

Children under the age of 12 months should not be exposed to direct sun. If you have sunburn, please stay out of the sun.

How to apply

Shake before use. Apply a little Shower Foam in your hand, massage gently over your body and then rinse. You may use as much After Sun Shower Foam as you wish although a little goes a long way! Avoid contact with the eyes.

  • Sun Protection Foam SPF 20
  • Sun Protection Foam SPF 30
  • Sun Protection Foam SPF 50+
  • Sun Protection Foam SPF 50+ Kids
  • After Sun Foam
  • After Sun Shower Foam