Huntington Beach


Huntington Beach 150ml Sun Protection Foam SPF 50+ Kids

  • Speedy & easy application
  • Ultra-smooth & non-greasy
  • Water resistant

€ 18,95

Our suncare products are a joy to use – super-easy and quick to apply, great coverage and no stickiness. Our Sun Protection Foam SPF 50+ Kids offers clinically proven protection from the harmful effects of the sun. UVA filters & Vitamin E help prevent premature skin ageing, while UVB filers protect from burning.

Rapid application & water resistant – ideal for kids!

UVA and UVB protection

Enjoy the sun in a responsible way!

Avoid excessive sun from 11am-3pm and do not stay longer in the sun than your skin type allows, taking into account the strength of the sun and the geographical area that you are in.

Children under the age of 12 months should not be exposed to direct sun. If you have sunburn, please stay out of the sun.

How to apply

Shake before use. Apply the foam to clean, dry skin 15 minutes before going into the sun or swimming – this is neccessary for optimal protection. Apply enough foam, especially on sensitive areas like your nose, ears, head, shoulders, breasts and feet. For added safety, we recommend re-application after swimming, excessive perspiration & after drying. Do not apply to damaged or sunburnt skin. Avoid contact with the eyes.

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